Captain Diane Sheffield

(Department of Detention)

Diane Sheffield is a graduate of Florida Agricultural Mechanical University where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Sheffield began her career with the Department Of Corrections in 1990, as a Correctional Officer at Largo Community Center in Largo, Florida. In 1994 she was employed with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. While working at the jail, now known as the Detention Facility, Sheffield began working in Housing. In 1997 she became a Field Training Officer training new employees.

In 1998, Sheffield was promoted to Sergeant and continued to work in Housing as a Field Training Sergeant, and later transferred to Booking and Releasing for six years. In 2014 Sheffield was transferred to Support Services.

In 2016 Sheffield was promoted to Lieutenant as a Watch Commander. In 2018, Sheffield was promoted to Captain and currently oversees duties in Administration at the Detention Facility, which includes Visitation, Warehouse, Laundry, Kitchen, Programs, Mailroom, Lock Smith, and Work Camp.

Sheffield is married to Carlton Sheffield Jr. the owner of The Body Shop in Quincy, Florida and they have a daughter Crystal Sheffield who is currently in graduate school at Florida International University, in Miami, Florida.