Captain Bernard Williams 

(Department of Detention)

Captain Bernard Williams began his career at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in November 1988 at the Leon County Jail. Williams was assigned to a rotational shift where he worked in various capacities that included booking, central control, confinement, trustee, and general housing of inmates. In May 1992, Williams obtained his law enforcement standards and worked in a dual certified capacity of law enforcement and corrections assigned at the jail.

In July 1994, Williams was promoted to Sergeant. As a Sergeant, he supervised inmate housing officers and also filled in as Watch Commander. During this time, Williams also served as a Field Training Program Supervisor aiding in the establishment of an enhanced training program for new employees. Williams also worked several years as Booking Supervisor in both the incoming area and releasing.

In June 2010, Williams was promoted to Lieutenant. Over the next few years, Williams was assigned over Support Service, Medical Security and was promoted to the rank of Captain in September 2016. Currently, Captain Williams is the Bureau Commander of the Jail Housing Units. Captain Williams has a staff of 4 Lieutenants, 16 Sergeants, 120 Correctional Officers, and 16 Correctional Technicians.

During his career, Captain Williams has been actively involved in the support of The United Way, Special Olympics, Heart Walk, and Mothers in Crisis. He also has served on the board of directors for The Riley House and volunteered for The Christmas Connection, as well as, mentoring for Bond Elementary School and coaching Little League Baseball.