Inmate Deposits

The Leon County Detention Center’s process for receiving deposits into an inmate’s canteen account is intended to offer family members, friends and loved ones more options for deposits and to help improve their speed and accuracy. This service, provided by Access Corrections, will allow for deposits to be made by several different methods: 

  • Internet Access to a secure payment web site ( which will accept Visa - debit or credit card payments
  • Toll Free Telephone Number (866-232-1899) which will accept Visa - debit or credit card payments
  • Kiosk located inside the Detention Facility lobby which will accept cash only

Internet depositors can visit the secure Access Corrections website 24 hours a day to set up a private account, with a private User ID and a personal password. The system will help manage deposits to specific inmates, allow receipt printing, and provide a history of deposit amounts by inmate and date.

Telephone payments may be made by calling a toll free number (866-232-1899). Customer Service Representatives will accept deposits quickly and easily from Visa, Debit or Credit cards and will provide specific confirmation numbers for deposit tracking.

An ATM-style kiosk located inside the Detention Center lobby will allow the user to select the specific inmate account in which to make a deposit. The kiosk will accept cash only, and will print a receipt of the deposit.

As of December 15th, 2008, we no longer accept any deposits for inmates through the visitation lobby or through the mail. All deposits must be made using one of the methods described above.

In lieu of monetary deposits, Care packages which contain snacks and / or personal care items may be purchased online by visiting ( ) or calling a toll free number (877-615-3296).