School Resource Deputies

The School Resource Unit currently serves forty-five schools within the district.   A total of twenty eight deputies (28) are assigned to the unit.  Deputies are given primary assignments at each high school, middle school and four of the elementary schools. Members are also given secondary school assignments and respond as requested.  The unit is supervised by one lieutenant and two sergeants.


Our main objective is to enhance students’ educational opportunities by promoting a safe and secure learning environment. In addition to prevention programs, deputies also teach the basic understanding of the Criminal Justice System and the role of a law enforcement officer and their duties. They also take law enforcement action as required within their assigned school.

School Safety Hotline - The Leon County Sheriff's Office working in conjunction with the Florida Sheriff's Association operates a school safety hotline. The hotline promotes the early reporting criminal activity, allowing individuals to call anonymously on a toll free phone line. The toll-free number is 1-877-723-2728.



High Schools

Chiles - Deputy Paul Emmons

Chiles - Deputy Paul Emmons

(850) 488-1756


Godby – Deputy Stephen Bess

(850) 617-4738

Heritage Trail – Deputy Ryan Dehner

Heritage Trail – Deputy Ryan Dehner

(850) 922-7065

Leon – Deputy Tom Stege

Leon – Deputy Tom Stege

(850) 617-5700

Lincoln – Deputy Joel Weaver

Lincoln – Deputy Joel Weaver

(850) 921-2516

Deputy Daniel Ellison

Lively - Deputy Daniel Ellison

(850) 487-7573

Rickards – Deputy Robert Gaines

Rickards – Deputy Robert Gaines

(850) 414-5024


SAIL – Deputy Doug Dirickson

(850) 488-2468

Deputy Darren Miller

Second Chance – Deputy Darren Miller

(850) 488-2087

Success Academy – Deputy Rachel Keller

Success Academy – Deputy Rachel Keller

(850) 488-2087

Middle Schools

Deputy Nicholas Kelly

Cobb – Deputy Nicholas Kelly

(850) 488-3364

Deputy Richard Womble

Deer Lake – Deputy Richard Womble

(850) 922-6545

Fairview – Deputy Shalonda Scott

Fairview – Deputy Shalanda Scott


Griffin – Deputy Brian Falstrom

(850) 606-3497

Deputy Davis Clarke

Montford - Deputy Davis Clark


Nims – Deputy Tony Mashburn

(850) 617-6134

Deputy Cedric Tryman

Raa – Deputy Cedric Tryman

(850) 488-6287

Deputy Paul Pacchioli

Swift Creek – Deputy Paul Pacchioli

(850) 414-2686

Woodville – Deputy Jordan Hopkins

Woodville – Deputy Jordan Hopkins

(850) 487-7043

Elementary Schools

Deputy Alan Wilson

Bond – Deputy Alan Wilson

(850) 488-7676


Killearn Lakes - Deputy Jaterrica Brown

SRD_placeholderWT Moore – Deputy Matt Dekle

(850) 488-2858

Canopy Oaks – Deputy Charrone Reed

Canopy Oaks – Deputy Charrone Reed

(850) 488-3301

Oakridge / Bond – Deputy True Holt

Oak Ridge – Deputy True Holt

(850) 488-3124

Deputy Sean Strickland

Chaires – Deputy Sean Strickland

(850) 488-5977

Deputy Paxton Rogers

Pineview – Deputy Paxton Rogers

(850) 488-2819


Fort Braden – Deputy Saul Garcia

(850) 488-4500 x2224


Sabal Palm – Deputy Cecelia Crego

(850) 488-0167