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The "CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY" concept started in England. It was first adopted in this country by the Orlando, Florida Police Department in 1985. The Leon County Sheriff's Office version is simply called the "CITIZEN'S ACADEMY". It is modeled after the Orlando academy and designed to promote better understanding between the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Leon County.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office Citizen's Academy offers a different and exciting program unique to our area. Indeed, the curriculum and training are not what you might expect. Typically, the students attracted to the academy are a culturally diverse group of people including bankers, businessmen and women, judges, housewives, school teachers, media representatives, retirees and citizens from all walks of life.

Participants meet one evening a week for 10 weeks. They learn about virtually every aspect of a deputy's job including recruiting, administration, patrol operations, traffic enforcement and communications, criminal law, SWAT and hostage negotiations, crime scene investigations, corrections and many other areas.

The Citizen's Academy doesn't limit participants to classroom training. Students are given the opportunity to:

  • Ride with a deputy during a tour of duty.
  • Tour the Jail facilities and Courthouse.
  • Attend a SWAT demonstration at the Law Enforcement Academy.
  • Shoot some of the high powered weapons used by Officers.

Although graduates of the Citizen's Academy are not qualified for daily street duty, they do acquire a better understanding of the Leon County Sheriff's Office operations and responsibilities. Citizen's Academy graduates gain greater awareness and appreciation of the difficult challenges and decisions a deputy sheriff faces every day.

Community involvement is the most powerful force any law enforcement agency has in the fight against crime. Through the "CITIZEN'S ACADEMY", citizens become more involved in making Tallahassee and Leon County a better place to live.

We at the Leon County Sheriff's Office believe this leads to better understanding between citizens and law enforcement through education.

Applicants are selected to attend the "CITIZEN'S ACADEMY" after first submitting a completed application and pending the outcome of a background inquiry.

Potential candidates names are then selected by lottery. Class size is set at forty (40) participants.

For more information contact Sgt. Teresa Howard at (850) 606-3331.

To explore more information about the Citizens Academy and submit an application, please CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Citizen's Academy Graduating Classes

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Citizen's Academy Class 1 06-19-1996 Citizen's Academy Class 2 12-04-1996 Citizen's Academy Class 3 06-04-1997 Citizen's Academy Class 4 12-03-1997 Citizen's Academy Class 5 06-03-1998 Citizen's Academy Class 6 12-01-1998 Citizen's Academy Class 7 05-25-1999 Citizen's Academy Class 8 11-16-1999 Citizen's Academy Class 9 05-16-2000 Citizen's Academy Class 10 11-14-2000 Citizen's Academy Class 11 04-18-2001 Citizen's Academy Class 12 10-09-2001 Citizen's Academy Class 13 04-16-2002 Citizen's Academy Class 17 04-19-2005 Citizen's Academy Class 18 04-25-2006 Citizen's Academy Class 19 04-24-2007 Citizens Academy Class from 4/22/2008 Citizens Academy Class from 4/20/2010 Citizens Academy Class from 4/17/2012 Citizens Academy Class from 10/11/2011 Citizens Academy Class from 4/19/2011 Citizens Academy Class from 4/14/2009 Citizens Academy Class from 10/12/2010

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